Over 100 Computer Hackers Arrested In Global Crackdown

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Over 100 computer hackers were arrested following a global investigation in several countries conducted by the FBI. These hackers were linked to malicious software called Blackshades.

The investigation has dragged on for a year now in order to crack down on some of the most notorious computer hackers and cybercriminals around the globe.

The Blackshades malware sells for a minimum of $40. The malware has many catastrophic effects for consumers. It allows the hackers to access the consumers personal information such as webcams, hard drives, and hijack passwords unbeknownst to the victim.

The FBI stated that criminals have used this malware for severe crimes such as extortion and bank fraud. The FBI has made promises in the past to conduct a wide scale investigation and to make indictments and arrests regarding these hackings.

One of the most publicized extortion incidents occurred last year when a hacker used Blackshades to spy on an unsuspecting victim by the name of Cassidy Wolf, who was Miss Teen USA.

Authorities say that software is one of the popular method used to carry out an array of Internet crimes that victimize computer users across the world. Therefore, this makes it increasingly difficult for law enforcement officials local and national to pursue an investigation outside of their jurisdiction.

As a result police in multiple countries are collaborating in efforts to prevent further crimes of this magnitude from occurring.

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