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The daughter of Hollywood A-list actor Laurence Fishburne has turned adult porn star. Montana Fishburne has decided to embark on a career in the adult film industry at the young age of 18 years old.

Nothing could be worse than to learn that one’s daughter has chosen such a career path.  There is obviously something wrong with this picture? Is there that much of a disconnect between the star actor and his daughter?    I know some of you will probably say that she is an adult and can make her own decisions but what type of legacy will that leave for the family name? Heck what will it do to her name?

Why Do Woman Choose This Type of Profession?
Some women enter the porn industry for negative reasons. Some of the women have been sexually abused or molested and this how they deal with that pain. Other women choose the porn industry to pay for drug habits or because they feel they cannot make money any other way. Some women who have been teenage runaways have entered the porn industry because it allows them to get off the streets. Other women suffer from low self esteem and working in porn makes them feel sexy. There are as many negative reasons as positive reasons on why a woman may enter the porn industry.

One obvious reason some will justify is that there is a lot of money to be made. I have to ask the question at what price? What is the difference between a woman saying ‘you have to spend some money on me first before we do anything?” or “He has to be willing to open his wallet before I open my legs?” then what Montana is doing? The difference is that she is making a career out of it.

It is very important for parents to communicate with their children as much as physically possible because there are guys out there like the one in the video below  who can convince these young and naïve young ladies to do almost anything. It really doesn’t matter how famous her dad is but if he’s not communicating with her like a responsible parent should then obviously this type of thing can happen.

How would her decision impact on Laurence Fishburne’s career? How can we as parents convince our children from making such foolish mistakes?


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