Allen Iverson Reaches A Settlement in Divorce Case with Wife Tawanna Iverson (HHE Exclusive)

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allen inversion and legal team

Allen Iverson and his legal team

After years of battling their contentious divorce case in a Fulton County courthouse, Allen Iverson and his soon to be ex-wife Tawanna Iverson have finally decided to settle.

On the day that a jury was to be selected to hear the matter of Tawanna Iverson verses Allen Iverson, both parties through their attorneys told Fulton County judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane that they have decided how Mr. Iverson’s 18 million dollars would be divided up as part of their marital assets.

Tawanna Iverson

Tawanna Iverson

Earlier we reported that the same judge that presided over the Raymond verses Raymond case as well as the same lawyer John Mayoue was also a part of this case. The difference in this case is that Mayoue is not representing a high profile client, he is representing the Allen Iverson’s wife. The main issue to decide was how Mr. Iverson’s sizable trust money from Reebok would be handled in their divorce. Some speculated that Iverson was not going to fair to well with the judge in the case because of the fact that she and attorney John Mayoue had a prior financial relationship in that he assisted her in being elected via helping her raise substantial funds for her campaign.

john mayoue

Famed Attorney John Mayoue

While there has never been any concrete proof that relationship influenced a outcome in her cases, Iverson’s attorney Melanie Fenwick-Thompson wasn’t taking any chances.

Within days before the trial was to take place which would have typically been heard by the judge presiding over the case, Iverson filed a motion to have his case tried by a jury of 12 people.

Famed Attorney John Mayoue argued to the court that he didn’t believe that Allen Iverson was entitled to have his case heard by a jury because as he stated, the former Philadelphia 76’s legend waived his right to a trial by virtue of a late filing of his answer.

melanie fenwick thompson

Attorney Melanie Fenwick Thompson

His new attorney, Attorney Melanie Fenwick-Thompson countered his argument with citing  a 2004 Blaylock court of appeals case that essentially stated that he was in fact entitled to it. Judge Lane eventually sided with Allen Iverson’s attorney.

We spoke exclusively with Allen Iverson’s attorney after the trial and she stated, “Our client is extremely pleased with the outcome of the case even though we came in near the end of it, we had an uphill battle. Mr. Iverson showed up ready to actively participate in his case and fight for the things he wanted. I don’t know and can’t confirm that happened prior to us getting involved.”

When asked whether there was any apprehensions fighting such a high profile case with so much controversy surrounding it, Attorney Thompson stated “we came to fight and to win for our client.”

While the specifics of the deal will be kept confidential, both parties appeared to be satisfied with the outcome. The couple have a total of five children from the marriage.

Reported by: Dennis Byron

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