Exclusive: LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Black “Friend” Defends His Racist Comments

| April 27, 2014 | 1 Comment
Donald Sterling and Bianca Fairchild

Donald Sterling and Bianca Fairchild

By now most people are aware of the vial and harsh words Donald Sterling spoke about to his former girlfriend, V. Stiviano on how he viewed people of color. His audio interview first appeared on TMZ, which contained about 9 minutes of Sterling’s rants.

While many people around the nation has blasted the 80-year old NBA owner as well as former and current NBA players about comments he made towards black people, LA socialite Bianca Fairchild, who is also a person of color,  had a different opinion about the person she classifies as a friend. In an earlier interview HHE conducted with Fairchild, we asked her about rumors that she was romantically linked to Clippers player Blake Griffin and how did that tale get started.

In the interview, she stated that she and Griffin were at a fundraising event and the two happen to have taken a photo together but she didn’t know him personally. She went on to say in the interview here that she was a good friend of the Sterling brothers.

Coincidently, our interview was conducted a week before the infamous audio was released so we decided to reach out to her again and get her thoughts on what she thought of her friend after she listened to the audio. Here is her official statement:

I am friends with Mr Sterling and his wife; I am 98% sure that Mr. Sterling is not racist. He is a business man that owns a team of mostly black men. I think most of what he says is taken out of context 1. Because he is unaware of the impact of saying certain things and 2. He has a very controlled life in the sense that he is in charge and there is nothing anyone can do to move him out of that position so he has the liberty to say anything he wants.
I think we would see things differently if Sterling was not referring to a group of black men. I don’t know him to be a racist.
We are wondering how many others will come out in support of his comments? Do you share Fairchild’s views on the issue?
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  1. Donovan says:

    Hmmm Im a big fan of Bianca Fairchild. The power she has to ignite people’s interest in just about a thing she says is so fascinating.

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