Breaking News Exclusive!! Brick Squad Artist Slim Dunkin Killed Over Argument About Candy!!

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We have just learned that Slim Dunkin, 24 year old, Atlanta rapper and affiliate of rappers Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka  was shot and killed at an Atlanta recording studio last night while on the set of Gucci Mane’s video shoot. In a bizarre twist of events, sources close to him claim that Gucci Mane was allegedly on set with Slim Dunkin but fled the scene right after the shooting.

Slim Dunkin, whose real name is Mario Hamilton got into an altercation with an unindentified person over what our source stated was merely about a piece of candy. According to our source, the shooter then pulled out an automatic weapon and fired one shot before fleeing the scene. Hamilton was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital and as a result he died of his injuries.

One of our sources had this to say ” We had just finished shooting a scene and was heading to the next location when we got word that Slim was shot, I am just so devastated about what has happened. To get killed over candy is just so sad and tragic”.

Police have yet to make an arrest but we are told that the shooter was someone known to individuals on the set.

“Now it’s my understanding prior to the video shoot, Mr. Hamilton became involved in a verbal altercation with another individual who we believe produced a handgun, discharged that weapon at least one time, striking Mr. Hamilton in the chest,” Major Keith Meadows with the Atlanta Police Department said.

As of press time, there was no word of a memorial service in honor of the slain rapper. This is a developing story so check back for updates throughout the day.

Slim Dunkin and Waka Flocka had just released their collaboration mixtape titled Twin Towers 2 back in August hosted by DJ Teknikz.

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