Breaking News Update: Easter Sunday Massacre Suspect Steve Stephens Press Conference

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The man believed to be responsible for over 14 murders (police have not been able to ascertain if he has killed multiple people yet) in Cleveland on Easter Sunday has yet to be caught however local law enforcement has provided an update on Steve Stephens murder crime spree.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend who is said to have sent Stephens over the edge has spoken to the media and stated that she is sorry for the death of Robert Godwin Sr. however her compassion was also extended to Godwin’s killer. Saying he too is a good person.

Joy Lane has spoken to the national news media via text message and to her friends on Facebook. She’s the woman whose name Stephens made his victim, Robert Godwin Sr., say in the Facebook Live stream before he allegedly killed the man, who had just returned from Easter dinner with his children.

According to CBS News, he randomly approach the victim, Godwin, “to say a woman’s name and pulls out his gun. The elderly man repeatedly tells the suspect he doesn’t know the woman… but the suspect pulls the trigger, shooting the man in the head, leaving him bloodied in the street.” The woman whose name Stephens ordered the victim to say is Lane. It was all captured in the horrific Facebook Live stream, which has now been taken down.

“Find me somebody I’m about to kill, I’m gonna kill this guy right here,” Stephens says on the video as he gets out of his car and looks for someone to kill. “The older dude.” He walks up to Godwin and asks him to “do me a favor” by saying “Joy Lane.” Stephens adds, “Joy Lane—she’s the reason this is about to happen to you.” Then, he kills Godwin, a stranger to him.

We have made the decision to not show the video of this horrific murder nor will we show any videos of Steve Stephens who committed this cowardly act.

We will be updating this story as new develops are learned.

Source: CBS news

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