Breaking News Update!! Was Cee-Lo Green’s Publicist Sleeping at the Wheel or Did the Superstar Have A Brain Fart?

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Just a little over an our ago we published a statement that was released by recording artist Cee-Lo Green about him canceling his tour with singer Rihanna based on a twitter message he tweeted. Moments later the Atlanta singer re-tweeted that his statement was not true and that “he shouldn’t have said sh*t.”

That has to be the biggest understatement of the day especially when so many fans have already purchased tickets to the concert and were looking forward to his appearance. Either he was trying to back out of the concert for whatever reason or he realized through the powers that be that he should have handled his announcement somewhat differently.


What compounded the problem was that he said his statement was not true and essentially insinuated someone was not telling the truth. So we are now asking Mr. Green, what is really the truth?

We are forced to ask with all this cover up and retraction, what’s the REAL reason he is withdrawing from the Loud tour? Is there some conflict between the singers? Is he just tired from performing and can’t take the physical demands? Or was this all a publicity stunt? Either way, when he comes out with his public press statement, remember where you heard it first…HIP HOP ENQUIRER!!!

Cee-Lo Green you must remember that twitter is like a loaded gun, once you fire off your message it is literally almost impossible to take it back. If you wish to clear up what you really meant by your previously deleted statement, please feel free to reach us at our office at 404-969-3092, one of our reporters is standing by!

ORIGINAL STORY: In what will surely be a disappointment to his fans, Atlanta Organic Artist Cee-Lo Green has just announced via twitter that he will not be able to complete the tour he is on with singer Rihanna due to illness. Official statement below.


We wish him a healthy recovery and hope to see him soon doing what he does best. HHE Staff.

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