Breaking News!! Violence Erupts at A Webbie Concert in East St. Louis (Video inside)

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A bunch of security guards were caught on tape beating up patrons at a local concert for rapper Webbie in East St. Louis several days ago. In the video below you can see several bunches being thrown as well as individuals being hit in the head with chairs. In one part of the video you can see a man get pistol whipped while a uniformed Sheriff is nearby. The fight concludes when someone fires a gun. Check out the video below. Warning: Video contains extreme violence.

Over 40 state police officers responded to calls about a huge fight that was taking place at Blackmon’s Plaza.  Two additional fights were taking place at other clubs in the city.  Local police were in a state of outrage as only three local police officers were on patrol in the town of up to 25,000 due to layoffs and budget cuts. According to police reports one security guard was wounded in the ordeal.

Source: WSHH

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