Breaking: Rapper Azealia Banks Has Meltdown on Flight to Los Angeles…Allegedly Punches Passenger

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One of the benefits of flying First Class on a flight is that you are one of the first to exit the plane upon landing however that only applies if the person in front of you is closer to the door. Rapper Azealia Banks learned the hard way that patience is a virtue because early this morning she and a french couple got into a slight altercation that resulted in hands flying and name calling.  The entire ordeal was caught on camera.

During a flight on Delta Airlines from New York City to Los Angeles Monday night, the rapper called the airline employee a “f–king f—ot” while trying to exit the plane.

A passenger on Banks’ flight told TMZ her meltdown was triggered when she wasn’t able to quickly disembark from the flight after it landed around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The 24-year-old, who was sitting in first class, was trying to exit but had her path blocked by a French couple ahead of her.

When Banks tried to squeeze past the pair, the French man put his hand out.

The eyewitness said that the “Ice Princess” rapper reacted by spitting in the man’s face, punching him in the face and clawing his shirt.

We are just wondering why did the flight attendant feel the need to hold her bag when she was just trying to leave the plane. Perhaps he should have been more interested in alleviating the situation rather than agitating it? Do you think she was justified in getting upset?

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