Breaking: Rapper Beanie Sigel Shot and Is Currently in Emergency Surgery

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Words by Nadia Shakur

NBC Philadelphia has reported Beanie Sigel was shot in the stomach this morning following an altercation in Pleasantville, New Jersey. Apparently Sigel was shot at 9:45 this morning on the 800 block of Spruce Avenue in Pleasantville. Sources say he was taken to a local hospital and is still in surgery.

Sigel was still wearing his court ordered monitoring bracelet as a requirement of his August prison release from serving a two-year sentence for tax evasion. The altercation that lead up to Sigel being shot happened in front of a home officers on the scene said he was living in. He previously was in a half way home after his August prison release.

With all his stipulations fulfilled the bureau of prisons stated that his probation was scheduled to end on Saturday.

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We are praying for his speedy recovery and will update further when any information becomes available.

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