Brother Polight Says Many Blacks Are Suffering from “Post Traumatic Poverty Disorder”

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“A great part of slavery deals with the mind.”  “If all you are familiarized with is the physical approach to slavery, then when you think about combating slavery you’ll think about fighting back physically.”

These are the words of Brother Polight.  Former gang leader turned spiritual leader and healer, Brother Polight, culturally known as Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re is a public speaker who has turned the lecturing community upside down with his brutally honest approach.  With his depth of information and ability to articulate this information, this 30-year-old is captivating audiences and leaving many with something to think about.

In the interview conducted by Saneter TV and House of Konsciosnes, Brother Polight enlightens viewers about Post Traumatic Poverty Disorder.

I know what some of you are thinking right now. “What is Post Traumatic Poverty Disorder?”  That is exactly why you should watch this intriguing video.  Brother Polight gives listeners a fresh perspective on some old ideals.  During this interview Brother Polight sheds light on topics such as Reparations, Self Value, Religion, Sexuality, and The Power of the Black Population.

Brother Polight ‘s message is genuine and truly powerful.  You can see the pain and the passion in his eyes as he delivers this much-needed message.  This all comes from a young man whose father left him at age 8 and also had to mourn the loss of his mother the same week he met her at age 17.  His story alone is interesting, but his message is even more.

Brother Polight

Brother Polight made many valid points throughout this interview, however, what I found most to be interesting was his viewpoints and discussion around the issue of Post Traumatic Poverty Disorder.  Rarely do things catch my attention as this issue did.

Brother Polight explains to viewers that we are all slaves.  “Whether a slave to sex, to a house mortgage, for the ball team you play for, the record label you rap for, you are a slave,” says Brother Polight.  He goes on to say that in the African-American community the slave mind has already been defeated and that most have become complacent when it comes to slavery.  He continues by saying that the slave mind thinks that he or she can only get things of value if the white man supplies it.  This gives blacks an excuse of why we are not getting ahead.  We don’t see it as a reality, but instead we see it as an excuse of why we cant.   Brother Polight even goes as far to say that blacks can’t appreciate the greatness in other blacks that we see, because we cant believe that other blacks are empowering themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, this brother is definitely thought-provoking and brings a raw mentality that is so needed in 2014.  Please take some time out of your day and do yourself a favor by watching this video.  As a community we have been celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King and his “I Have A Dream” speech for years, but what have we done to advance that dream?  Is it our mentality?  Maybe it is our perception.  Brother Polight says that it is our complacency.  Therefore, be confident to get up, get out, and get yours, but first check out this video.

Brother Polight has authored over 80 books that include such titles as:

Rich Mom Poor Mom

Stocks and Blondes

The Black Woman is God and the White Man is Not The Devil!                  

Buy The House, Sign The Contract, Protect The Asset

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