Brother Polight Talks The Leading Issues De-unionizing The Black Community [VIDEO]

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Brother Polight

By: Adriene Morton

30-year-old Brother Polight, a young and successful entrepreneur, continues to shine on immeasurable levels, as he circulates his economical words and thoughts back into our troubled world. In December of 2011, the young phenom held the Young Masters class, in Harlem, New York, where he lectures our black community on the leading issues that’s deunionizing our brothers and sisters, and the formula he perpetuates in hopes of alleviation. Brother Polight speaks on his personal experience and mentions his past where he was a former gang superior of the Cali born gang, The Crips.

Polight admits that he wanted to be religious and wake up from his violent, gut wrenching nightmare but lacked the consciousness and confidence needed in order to confide in those he sought help from after seeing his loved ones pass “waiting on Jesus… one died from domestic violence, two died from diabetes, one from cancer.”

Brother Polight even lost his mom to cancer and diabetes exactly a week from when he met her.

Polight states, “Last time I checked white people get cancer too, black people get cancer, and Chinese people get cancer”. He lectures the issue of our brothers and sisters fighting against one another, when in reality, we need to wake up and identify the oppressor wiping out our loved ones, diseases. We’re failing to realize that every race and every culture contracts diseases so why not unite and defeat these heartless cold killers together? Put our fists down and instead join hands.

Brother Polight holds his torch high in the air as he covers spirituality and leads his young masters on an economic turnabout. “The highest form of spirituality is economics because according to the definition of economics, it’s the science in which a person or group of people consume, produce, or transfer their wealth”, says Polight. The author of 81 books admits that the strain our community suffers is that we posses “the working mind of defeated people”, and continue to doubt our potential in being great and having our own success. Polight discusses the importance of circulating wealth back into the community. He began his business at ground-level with his family designing, buying, and creating the books, and over the course of one year, found himself surpassing earnings of $100,00. He speaks on the greatness people of color can achieve if they seek their own success and be their own producers and stop relying solely on others as he links the 3 chains of economics: production, creation, and consumption.

“He’s producing and we’re consuming, and we consume what he reproduces which makes him our God by default it’s true.” Our consumption surpasses our production and we place ourselves under the state of dependency by relying solely on our God (the producer) to provide for us. Brother Polight also stated, “If you reach a certain level of success and you don’t find out how to make others successful amidst your success then you’re not practicing spirituality.” Essentially, once we acquire a certain level of success, it’s crucial that we practice spirituality and pay it forward so we can assure a healthy growing economy.

Clearly this young man is on the right track and he is not just talking that talk but he is walking that walk for his/our people. Be sure to search his teachings on and visit his Nu-Convenant organization’s website at

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