Bruh? Damon Dash Gets Drunk in NYC & Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart Comes to The Rescue

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To say Damon Dash may have hit hard times may be an understatement if you believe what you see in this video. In an exclusive video just obtained exclusively by Hip hop Enquirer, we have Damon Dash apparently wasted leaving a NYC club and fortunately for him, buddy Kevin Hart was passing by and decided to give him a lift. The video is pretty hilarious once Dash realizes he is being recorded. With friends like Kevin Hart, who needs enemies?

While we are on the subject of friends, in a recent article in the NY Daily News, Dash revealed that he may have to keep his distance with former friend and business partner Jay Z because he has learned that an individual who was moving around with them back in the heyday of Rocafella Records was in fact an informant for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).

The story that spooked Dash revealed how Perez, the wife of longtime Jay Z wingman Juan Perez, became a cooperating witness for the DEA in the 1990s. After her 1994 arrest for possession of 35 kilos of cocaine, Perez struck a deal with the feds, agreeing to wear hidden wires to record her meetings with major cocaine traffickers. Her undercover informant work won her courtroom praise from federal prosecutors after she helped them break up major drug deals in Puerto Rico and Colombia.

Dash said the story made him hesitate to do business with Jay Z, given the fact that federal law enforcement has come down on Dash’s friends and acquaintances through the years.

“I read about his affiliation with an informant, that he’s in business with certain people,” Dash says. “It’s tricky for me to say, but just based on where I’m from, I can’t have nothing to do with that…There’s no more business being done with me and him until I understand the situation.”

With that type of news, We are sure most of us would want to have a couple of drinks.

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