Where Style has A New Number… Meet the Owner of Atlanta’s Seven74 Boutique (Kash Howard)

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Seven74 Boutique

Settled quietly on Edgewood Avenue sits Atlanta’s best kept secret. Seven74 Boutique; a jewelry box filled with all the bells, whistles, bling, and baubles a girl about town needs to complete any look. But upon further inspection, yours truly entered the hidden treasure of a boutique to find the biggest gem of them all. Kash Howard is the delightful Atlanta implant from Detroit by way of Montgomery who has her gleaming eyes set on taking the entertainment and fashion industry by storm.

Kash Howard

As her name might suggest, Kash has the rich personality and exudes the presence of a movie star. Her eyes somewhat hidden behind black Marc Jacobs frames, locks of dark & lovely tresses chicly swept to one side, she has the petite, lean frame of a high school cheerleader that most women would undergo liposuction for.

The interior of Seven74 is an experience itself with a treat for both the audio and visual senses. Amidst the blaring speakers pumping the air with hits from Beyonce and the shimmering décor of the boutique which walls are painted a serene eggshell blue stands an all black everything attired Kash with bright orange sneakers sharing with me her aspirations.

From all corners of my peripheral vision I see shiny, sparkly accessories each more stunning than the last. Some adorned with crystals, others with feathers. Some are gold, others are silver but in the natural sun light pouring into the storefront windows everything is glittery.  It’s hard not to be distracted by it all but somehow I’m fixated on Howard.

With an impressive resume that includes hosting red carpet events like the Grammys, Soul Train Awards and the Oscars chatting with A list celebrities such as Sean Garrett, Jamie Foxx and Lynn Whitfield she’s also a certified card carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild having made appearances in numerous commercials (Zaxbys, Capitol One, Verizon Wireless) one of which (Verizon) she was the lead.

“I’m a free spirit. I enjoy what I do.” She exclaims after describing all of her many impressive accomplishments with styling for the industry she is heavily involved in. “It may sound like a lot to most but to me its all in the same realm.”

And apparently working in that realm is what afforded the boutique she owns which is approaching its 5th year anniversary.

“It’s been a long road but a great one.” She says with genuine humility of the store’s success. “We’ve had so many great people and socialites patronize the store.”

Of those great people she mentions some of you may recognize them for who they work for. If you’re a fan of such popular TV sitcoms like Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, or Drop Dead Diva, or VH1’s Single Ladies chances are some of Seven74’s accessories has come across your screens. “The wardrobe stylists come in and pick and pull things.”

And what amazing items these things are! Among them is the beautifully crafted Serenity beads, and Shaballa beads bracelets alongside the ultra glam Swarovski crystal bamboo earrings.

One of the store’s most successful items that are flying off the shelves are earrings from the RichGirlz collection; a brand that’s most notably seen being yanked from the earlobes of both the Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop reality stars during some of their much talked about weekly televised spats.

And while these amazing accessories look as if they come with an astronomical price tag, Kash assures me that the price point couldn’t be more down to earth

“I’m carrying quality things that you can find at Saks, Phipps, or your fine retail stores at a fraction of the cost.”  But make no mistake, just because you haven’t spent a “C note” on part of your look doesn’t mean your sense of style has to compromise.

Seven74 Interior

“A woman who’s not comfortable with accessories is a woman that’s not comfortable with a whole wardrobe,” she philosophies, further explaining the importance of an accessories role in an entire ensemble, “a wardrobe is not complete without accessories; a hat, a scarf, a bracelet, a belt, a ring, a necklace. A woman who gets up and goes without any of those… eh,” she scoffs “I think she needs a little fashion help.”

That help can also be provided at the store. Kash has assisted numerous customers and clients utilizing her years of expertise with their fashion emergencies. “If you don’t think you have an eye for it allows someone to help you. That’s what we offer here. If you have no clue, I’ll gladly help.”

A problem that she says many women need help with is over accessorizing.

“I can’t stand to see a lady’s accessories competing with the look,” she says with the same sternness that a fitness instructor might give to someone whose just ate a Krispy Kream donut after a work out. “A gaudy necklace and big earrings, to me that’s a no-no!” But the absolute pet peeve of hers is what she describes as “matchy-matchy.”

“Get out of here with that! That’s so not it. I absolutely despise that!”

Another aspect of the boutique, which she prides herself on, is the quality of the items. Kash handpicks all of the merchandise herself to get a feel for them. Rather than shop online to select her product she goes the distance to the other cities whether it be Los Angeles or New York to “pick it up, try it on, feel it, & check the durability. Everything was hand picked by me!”

Out of all her traveling it’s LA where she finds surprisingly those women that are the most stylish. “They get dressed! They get up with a fur throw, vest, with some jeans and some boots to brunch! Very fashion conscious. I love it!”

It may also be noted that Kash has plans on expanding the Seven74 brand to the West Coast with hopes of opening another shop out that way in the next few years. Let’s keep our fingers cross for her continued success!

Ring Gold Blue

When asked to define herself she passionately points out the obvious; “I see Kash Howard being a household name in terms of my acting, my hosting events, and red carpet events. I see Kash Howard doing amazing, history making things in the next five years.”

If who she looks up to is any indication of her future success, Kash is well on her way to stardom. As she looks up to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe for fashion, Academy Award winning actress Meryl Streep is someone she wants to model her acting career after; “Meryl Streep, I love her, she has great range and an impeccable acting skills. She exudes to me what an actress should be.”

As far as celebrities are concerned she would love to get her hands on YMCMB rap princess Nicki Minaj. “I would enjoy styling her.”

After taking a walk through the boutique we’re back at the entrance where a wall mural of Marilyn Monroe greets patrons; as we near the end of our conversation, a homeless woman who has lost her way around the neighborhood briefly interrupts us and unselfishly Kash politely points her in the right direction.

Roberto Ring Pink

As I conclude our interview, I ask her what’s the one thing she wants the world to know about Kash Howard? She pauses and glare out into the afternoon traffic and replies, “I’m full of compassion in anything I do. And I say what I mean and I mean what I say.” After all, anyone will tell you that confidence is the most stylish accessory one can ever carry with him or her.

Kash Howard is a class act and one that definitely should be followed and supported. Go get Seven today!

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