Busta Rhymes Gives Us His Hip Hop Favorites

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Busta Rhymes

Back in the late 90s, Busta Rhymes made his claim to fame with his hit “Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check.” Bringing the character and storyline to life will forever more be a talent that Busta Rhymes possesses; he never fails to paint a picture for his fans. And since cracking the code for this music game, Busta Rhymes has raised the bars for the new cats coming to the stage.

In a recent interview with MTV, Busta Rhymes tells us who his top new age MCs are:

J.Cole, he’s one of my favorite new MCs,” said Busta Rhymes. “He’s very creative, his spit game is incredible to me. I think he delivers well and he’s been exemplifying consistency.” 

“I got to big up Drake,” said BusaBusss. “He’s one of the first triple threats, the dude sings, [acts and] he rhymes. It’s not everyday that you come across one of those dudes that have the ability to do so many different things and still sound extremely thorough in every area. Sometimes, you may try to do more than one thing but you hear where you may lack in those other areas.”

“Drake definitely has a great ability to sufficiently deliver on both sides,” Busta continued before launching into a fellow charismatic MC of the female variety.

Nicki Minaj is doing a wonderful job,” the LONS veteran said. “Not just as a female artist, but as an MC period. She’s displaying an ability that most dudes ain’t even been able to deliver consistently. From her speed rap ability to her animation, she exemplifies not just dope ability as an MC but she’s bringing character back to the game.”

Busta went on to describe why Barbz is so special.

“Most artists, they come out and they just want to rhyme, and that’s cool,” continued Busta. “But she’s not afraid to deliver as a character, so big up to Nicki Minaj as well.”

And last but not least—yes, we know he mentions Reek Da Villan, but we’re going to one up that nod with the new MC’s freestyle, so you can judge his talent for yourself—the Flipmode general acknowledged Pittsburgh’s own.

“I’m a fan and I like the Wiz Khalifa dude,” the rapper admitted to Sway. “I’m interested in seeing how his thing is coming together, because it seems like it’s coming together very organically. He had his movement already before he started to put these records out and get the public notoriety that he’s starting to get. I always love a grassroots grind and building your own momentum prior to the world seeing you and thinking that you’re just now building it because they’re being made aware of what you’re doing.”

These new age rappers seem to all have one thing in common and that’s grassroots grind. Each rapper created their own buzz prior to even getting recognized to the extent they are now and Veteran rapper Busta Rhymes, along with other classic rappers, have taken notice.

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