BUSTED!! Mediatakeout Exclusive: Claims Jay Z Didn’t Write A word of the book “Decoded”

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Dream Hampton & Jay Z

We guess Jigga Man thought it was cool to adopt the philosophy of Diddy when he said “ I don’t write rhymes I write checks” and while the book “Decoded” is not entirely about rhymes one thing is for certain most believed that mogul Jay Z did at least pen the book. Mediatakeout.com is reporting that the original writer of Jay Z’s talked about book was in fact written entirely by respected journalist & filmmaker Dream Hampton. According to MTO, the writer is upset that she didn’t receive any recognizable credit for scribing the words to the already popular book. Here is what MTO is reporting:

If you thought that Jay Z’s new book DECODED was too intelligent to be written by a former STREET DRG DEALER . . . . you’d be RIGHT!! According to a MediaTakeOut.com snitch, Jigga didn’t write ANY OF IT.

The snitch explained to MediaTakeOut.com, “Dream Hampton was paid 200k to write Jay-Z’s new book ‘Decoded.’. . . She’s pissed that apparently he’s not mentioning her enough in interviews and her name wasn’t featured on the front cover, or prominently.”

Actually, it’s worse, Jigga is going around giving book tours PRETENDING that the words on the book are really his. SHEESH . . . where did he learn to be so BOLD with his THIEVERY. Well . . . he is married to Bey!!!

Now you guys over at Mediatakeout are hitting pretty hard below the belt when you fired shots at Beyonce..smdh!

For those who might be living in a bubble and don’t know who Dream Hapton is shame on you! Dream Hapton is a pioneer in the hip hop culture and one of the most respected writer’s of today. She was also responsible for documenting several exclusive videos of the late Notorious BIG during his early career in hip hop.

Dream Hampton has written about music, culture and politics for 20 years. Her articles and essays have appeared in The Village Voice, The Detroit News, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence and a dozen anthologies most recently Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas’s Illmatic, edited by Michael Eric Dyson. She was an editor at The Source in the early 90s and a Contributing Writer at Vibe for its first 15 years. She co-authored the unreleased Black Book with Shawn Jay-Z Carter and collaborated with him on Decoded (November, 2010, Spigel and Grau.) She’s co-authoring Kamal “Q Tip” Fareed’s memoir, Industry Rules (Random House, 2011).
Hampton attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she studied film in their undergraduate and Graduate film programs. While a student she filmed her neighbor Chirstopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace for a documentary class. She was an Associate Producer of VH1’s Emmy-award winning Behind the Music: Notorious B.I.G. and co-producer of the Peter Spier directed “Bigger than Life”, the first feature length documentary on the rapper. Her narrative short film “I AM ALI” was an official entry at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and won “Best Short Film” at Vanity Fair’s Newport Film Festival. “I AM ALI” was acquired by director Doug Limon’s Hypnotic Films.

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