Busted!! Rick Ross Arrested On Marijuana Charges in Louisiana?

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Rapper Rick Ross should have known better then anyone else that possession of Marijuana in certain places just won’t be tolerated…didn’t they teach him that in the Police Academy?

Over the weekend, William Roberts aka Rick Ross was arrested for his possession of marijuana. In recent reports, Rick Ross allegedly smoked a massive amount of marijuana to the point where the entire floor at the Shreveport Hilton was plastered in smoke.

Most likely a hotel guest or employee called the police station to deal with the issue, but luckily Rick Ross and his clan practically inhaled most of the Kush Marijuana. When the Shreveport police arrived only a gram of marijuana was found, apparently was enough to get him carted of to a local jail.

The Miami rapper was released just in time to perform in Philly at the ‘I Am Music Too Tour.’

Let’s just hope this serves as a lesson for him that his past law enforcement background don’t entitle him to get his smoke on whenever he wants in a public place.


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