Can You Blame Him?? Man Tracks Down Person Who Stole His iPhone & Beats That Ass (Video Inside)

| January 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

man fights person who stole his iphone

In San Diego, it looks like citizens are taking matters into their own hands – especially when it comes to their iPhones. Kenneth Schmigdall, the proud owner of an iPhone used the handy “Find My iPhone” app to track down the person who stole his phone. Schmidgall claimed that he called his phone several times and that no one answered, so he got with a friend who then used the app to track down the phone.

Once Schmidgall and his friend, Greg Torkelson actually caught up with the guy, Schmidgall started throwing bows and even pepper sprayed the man. Torkelson captured it all on camera and since then the video has gone viral.

Schmidgall told San Diego’s 10 News that he was running off of adrenaline, saying: “We just wanted the phone back… Some of it was a little bit of adrenaline…you know it was the chase of trying to get the guy”. Check out the video below of Schmidgall trying to get his phone back.

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