Cash Money Bosses Sued in a Sexual Assault Liability Case in Atlanta (video inside)

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Bryan "Baby" Williams & Ronald "Slim" Williams

The bosses of Cash Money Records may just have to prove how liquid their funds are if an Atlanta jury rule against Brian & Slim Williams, the owners of one of the most successful labels of all time. Apparently a woman was a guest at one of the label’s studio sessions last year and according to her testimony one of their homeboys decided to help himself to more than their latest music as the woman claims she was sexually assaulted in the ladies bathroom of the Patchwerk Recording studios.

Nicole Westmoreland claims she was supposed to be given an opportunity to make a business presentation, but instead she says she was “exposed to illegal drugs and explicit sexual activity” before the act took place. She identified Cash Money alleged employee Alfred Cleveland as the man who committed the assault.

“Westmoreland claims a representative of Cash Money Records invited her to the studio to make a presentation for their employees. Westmoreland says Williams left her in a lounge area. She said Cleveland assaulted her when she went to a restroom.”

The record label initially offered to settle the case for $100,000.00 but Westmoreland’s defense team believe they should hold out for a bigger payday. Is hip hop on trial or Cash Money Records?

The court is trying to decide if the two should be held liable for the actions of their “employee” however both owners are claiming the man in question was no more than just a friend who was hanging out at the studio. The Alfred Cleveland accepted a three year plea agreement to avoid a long prison sentence but must register as a sex offender once freed from Georgia State Prison.

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Source: Fox News / Futuristic Blogger / Fulton County Superior Court

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