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Beware! Internet Sensation, a.k.a the true meaning of Wretched, Kat Stacks strikes again; seems like this time she is in for the kill! With a track record of making her rounds within entertainments circle this chick isn’t stopping until she gets what she wants! Hmm I wonder what it is that she wants?This time around Soujah Boy was on her hit list. We have the video to prove it; she lays it all out for us! Yup, Souljah Boy was caught with cocaine in his hotel room!

Really? These entertainment dudes are going after these chicks who have nothing going for themselves besides being a “Video Honey.” What you need to do is get yourself an educated woman who is not after you for your money or a lousy 30 seconds of fame. A woman who got her own, or trying to get it!

As for Soujah Boy, I hope this jump-off was worth your reputation being put on the line! Not to mention, now you have possibilities of your endorsements being dropped.

What happened to that slogan, “Money over B*tches?” Was that just a fad or is that something entertainers actually live by? Seems to me like All these celebrity entertainers getting caught up!

On a lighter note, I’m sure this discovery is not going to do much on how people enjoy your music; take a look at Weezy!

We live and we learn.



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