50 Cent says “I Knew It Would Happen” Regarding Chief Keef Incarceration

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50 Cent and Chief Keef

Keith Cozart aka Chief Keef gets sentenced, and according to a recent interview with MTV News (via Fake Shore Drive), 50 Cent “knew it would happen eventually.”

Now according to reports on HipHop Dx, Chief Keef violated terms of his 18-month probation sentence. Chicago Sun Times reported that the 17-year old rapper, born name Keith Cozart, appeared in juvenile court where the judge stated he found Keef showing a “willful disreguard” for the courts.

50 Cent sometime likes to act as a “mentor” for Chief Keef, and then sometimes he likes to make jokes on the 17 year old juvenile. It just depends on how 50’s feeling, we suppose.

As a condition of his probation, the judge had ordered Cozart not to have contact with guns, gangs or drugs.

Cozart, who wore camouflage pants, a black, hooded sweatshirt and yellow Timberland boots on Tuesday to his court hearing for violation of probation, was mum as deputies led him out of court with his hands cuffed behind his back. Outside court, his manager told reporters: “You can kiss my ass.”

50 talked to MTV about Chief Keef’s violation. Today, the 17 year old Chicago rapper will be sentenced. Check out the 50 Cent interview below:

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