Chris Brown Believes He Could Teach Kids About Domestic Violence…in Australia

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Australia is trying to make an example out of Chris Brown by not allowing him in the county because of his domestic violence conviction against Rihanna. They have allowed Brown 28 days to present a case for a visa granting him entry into the country. Chris Brown has four big shows set to take place in the land down under, but they are in jeopardy as Australian authorities intend to refuse him access in.

Well Brown may not have needed all 28 days to present his argument for why he should be allowed in. He took to Twitter and made a point that he could be more influential than any parents or public service announcement ever could.


This is not the first country to attempt to deny Brown entry into a country. The United Kingdom stopped him in 2010 and back in February he had to cancel shows in Canada as they were not going to allow him to cross the border.

There is a point to be made on Brown’s part, celebrities hold a great deal of power in the digital age where we view them and hear them almost daily. So there is a lot of truth about the influence he could have on kids about domestic violence. The issue is that he is willing to use this power to get something in return which appears to come off as disingenuous.

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