Chris Brown Trial Delayed, Key Witness Seeking Immunity

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Chris Brown Monday was the start of the Chris Brown trial in Washington, D.C. and Hip Hop Enquirer was there.  Singer songwriter Chris Brown appeared in the Courthouse of the District of Columbia Monday to face charges stemming from an alleged October 2013 scuffle with a Maryland resident.   The incident has Brown facing up to 6 months in jail along with fines. He could also face additional penalties, including jail time, as a result of an earlier case with Rihanna that Brown is currently on probation for.

The misdemeanor charge has drawn mass attention and the crowd increased in size as the media and locals awaited the arrival of Brown.  Hip Hop Enquirer attended the trial and found that we were in for a shorter than expected day.

Minutes prior to the start of the Chris Brown case, the verdict of his bodyguard was given by D.C. Superior Court Judge Patricia Wynn.  Brown’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, was awaiting his verdict resulting from the same incident as Brown.  The plaintiff, Parker Adams, accused both Brown and his bodyguard of punching him in front of a Washington hotel.  The judge stated that Hollosy was not justified in hitting Adams and he was found guilty of misdemeanor assault.  Hollosy is scheduled to be sentenced June 25th. chris-brown2 As the trial for Brown was set to begin, Brown’s mother and family made their way to the courtroom.  Along with his family was Brown’s friend Karrueche Tran.  The crowd almost surrounded the group of family and friends as they hopped out of the SUV and hurried to the courthouse doors.

Many on lookers wondered why so many cameras were positioned outside of the courthouse.  I found myself in conversation with many people as they passed by questioning what all the fuss was about.  As everyone who passed and questioned knew exactly who the Grammy award-winning singer was, many people could not believe that such a petty crime would receive the attention that it has.  I spoke to people of all walks of life yesterday and many felt that the crime has been blown out of proportion.

As the case was finally about to begin, Brown’s trial was delayed until Today after Hollosy, a key witness in Brown’s case, decided not to testify to avoid self-incrimination in his pending appeal.  Now, Hollosy’s attorneys want prosecutors to offer immunity in exchange for Hollosy’s testimony so that his appeal would not be affected.  According to the Washington Post, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Chambers along with prosecutor Kendra Briggs said his office could not offer any immunity to Hollosy unless it was agreed that Hollosy would meet with the prosecution before he testifies and discusses what his testimony will be. Hollosy, however, declined to meet with prosecutors.  Many feel that it is likely that Hollosy had planned to testify that only he struck the 20 year old Adams.

Today in court Brown’s trial was once again delayed until June 25th because of his bodyguard.  Hollosy invoked his 5th amendment right against self-incrimination and refused to testify on Brown’s behalf until he is sentenced that same day.  

Chris Brown's Attorney Mark Geragos

Chris Brown’s Attorney Mark Geragos

Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, requested the judge to allow Brown to fly back to California on his own but the judge ordered the US Marshall Service to transport Brown back to California via Con Air.  Brown’s manager Bu Thiam stated that the entire court proceedings was “unfair”.

Brown’s Manager Bu Thiam

Brown’s Manager Bu Thiam

Brown’s ex, Karrauche Tran, didn’t show up for the trial today, but another unidentified woman did show up to give her support to Brown.

Unidentified Woman

Unidentified Woman

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