Chris Tucker Slapped with a 11.5 Million Dollar Tax Lien (might be heading to prison)

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Hollywood actor Chris Tucker might just want to fire his Accountant and sell off that enormous estate he’s living at in Georgia. The “Rush Hour” star was just slapped with a IRS tax lien in the amount of $11,571.909 ….wow!

How does someone accumulate that much tax debt when you reach that type of status? Either your accountant and/or manager screwed up big time or you just decided to say f*ck those damn taxes? Whatever the case, Uncle Sam wants their paper now.

Here’s what the IRS is reporting that Tucker owes:

The breakdown:

2001 — $4,007,794.34

2002 — $5,060,074.23

2004 — $55,544.84

2005 — $660,414.94

2006 — $1,788,080.91

Tucker made over 20 million in “Rush Hour 2” and about 25 million for “Rush Hour 3”. In any case this type of debt just doesn’t disappear so we will just have to see what he does about it.

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