#ChrisBrown Accuser Stripped of Her Beauty Pageant Crown for Lying and Allegedly Taking Nude Photos

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Where there is smoke, there certainly is fire and Baylee Curran has some explaining to do. According to TMZ, the former beauty queen was stripped of her crown by pageant officials after they discovered she had nude photos taken of herself but failed to disclose it to them. To compound the situation, Baylee tried to deny the images were her but when pageant officials wanted to give her a second chance, she failed to do other things that was required of her to maintain the crown.

An official tells TMZ, shortly after she won the title someone sent nude photos to the pageant director, who confronted Baylee, saying, “This is not what the pageant stands for.” We’re told Baylee insisted it was not her in the photos.

The director told her she’d give her another chance, but we’re told Baylee repeatedly screwed up and deceived them. She would fail to show for community functions … while photographers were tagging photos of her frolicking on a boat. She was also MIA for events … choosing various photo shoots instead.

The director had enough 2 months into her reign, and told Baylee she was stripping her of her crown, but Baylee shot back, “You’re the director. You can make or bend the rules. I’m keeping the crown and we can move on.”

She still hasn’t returned the crown.

Failing to return the crown after it was requested of her? Sounds a bit larceneous if you ask us. In an earlier report, Baylee Curran was accused of grand larceny in NYC for allegedly stealing a Louis Vuitton bag that also contained a large sum of money. There is currently a warrant for her arrest when she steps on the soils of the NYC.  Could it be plausible that she fabricated the story of Chris Brown pointing a gun at her? Perhaps being asked to leave a residence she wasn’t invited too hurt her ego? Whatever the case, there is three sides to the story and right now things are looking extremely sketchy.

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