Chuck D calls Hot 97 a “CORPlantation Slaveship” and Summer Jam 2014 a “Sloppy Fiasco”

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Hip hop legend Chuck D is firing off at NYC radio station Hot 97 over what Chuck D is calling a “sloppy fiasco”. What “sloppy fiasco” is Chuck D referring to you ask?  The Public Enemy front man is totally disgusted with the recent Summer Jam 2014 concert.  He took to Twitter Monday morning and tweeted this: 

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.38.17 PM

“The look on my face after I heard what a sloppy fiasco @hot97 in NYC has made of HipHop.” Chuck D topped off the tweet with the hashtag #culturalCrime.  He then flooded Twitter’s timeline with an onslaught of tweets directed toward s Hot 97.  While Funkmaster Flex was defended and the same for Peter Rosenberg, no one else was safe from Chuck D’s tirade.

Early yesterday morning, Hot 97’s Ebro decided to respond to Chuck’s comments by tweeting “True artists and activists have always complained about mainstream media & music… As they should! Good balance…”.  From there the two exchanged tweets and by the end of it we are all left pondering “What just happened?”.  Did Chuck D’s blasting of Hot 97 serve its purpose?  If Hot 97 is considered a modern day plantation by some of the hip hop community, how does it get addressed and what is the end result that artists like Chuck D are looking for?  Please be sure to share with us your thoughts on the matter.  

In the meanwhile, click below to see more tweets sent by the disappointed Chuck D. 

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