Outraged!! CNN Reporter Susan Candiotti Distorts Tulsa Shooting Story Then Says “F*cking N*gger”

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The Anti-Defamation League was created to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.  Organizations such as the ADL are needed to police the prolific use of derogatory terms that are offensive to a particular race.

Enter CNN.  In reporting the Tulsa shooting spree that left three African American men dead and two critically wounded, CNN reporter Susan Candiotti took to the air to read, for the viewing public, the racist remarks found on Jake England’s Facebook page.  Before we get to Candiotti’s use of the F and N words on national television, let’s address the false reporting made by Candiotti.

Here is the portion of Candiotti’s report:

“We understand that CNN has learn from police, and according to documents as well, and from relatives that a couple of years ago, that England’s father was responding to his daughter, who was asking for help when her house was being broken into. He went after the suspect (in this case he the father) the two had a fight. Mr. England’s father was not armed but the other man was, turned around and shot him, that man evidently, according to court documents that we have found, indicate that he was not prosecuted for that crime.”

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In a feeble attempt to underhandedly draw a comparison between the Trayvon Martin case and the Tulsa shooting, Candiotti inaccurately reports that Pernell Demond Jefferson was not prosecuted for that crime and that he was the only person armed when the incident occurred.  This is patently false. It is also a shame that Candiotti backs up her report by stating CNN had researched the matter prior to the report.

Pernell Demond Jefferson (who is no saint) did attempt to rob Mr. England’s daughter’s house.  He was unsuccessful.  Mr. Carl England then left to go find Mr. Jefferson.  England was armed with “stick” which knocked Jefferson to the ground. Jefferson drew his pistol and shot England in the chest.  In connection with the shooting incident Jefferson was charged with attempted first degree burglary and possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony. His jury trial on these charges is set to begin on May 7, 2012.    Also, in connection with England death, Jefferson is currently serving a six-year sentence after being charged and convicted for pointing a firearm.

While the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office ruled the April 5, 2012, shooting death of Carl England justifiable homicide and declined to file homicide charges against Jefferson, they were sure to throw every viable charge against Jefferson to ensure that he remained off the streets.

Now, let’s go back to Candiotti’s decision to use the N word on national television.  As a precursor to her reading the F and N words verbatim from Jake England’s Facebook page, Candiotti offers the following disclaimer “Please excuse the language.  It is very sensitive.”  Well go figure.  Yes, Candiotti, it is extremely sensitive and your decision to repeat Jake England’s Facebook rant was unprofessional and extremely insensitive.

The false statements proffered by Candiotti and the use of the F and N words on national television was not helpful in quelling the racial divide that has surfaced since the February 26, 2012, killing of the unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin.  After listening to Candiotti’s report, we were left with the impression as if Jefferson was still walking around a free man after killing England.  This is not the case and it is sad that Candiotti has used her platform to insinuate the same.  Dear Susan Candiotti, please verify your sources, research your story, and be professional when reporting on such “sensitive” issues. Lastly, you might want to wash your foul mouth out with soap while you are at it!

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