Confederate Thinking? A Racist Flier Left In A Detroit Suburb Says: “Let’s Get The Blacks Out”

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Screen-shot-2015-08-26-at-11.31.05-AMSouthfield, Michigan is a suburb of Detroit where many African-American families move to feel safer and for better opportunities. On Friday, several black families realized that they were looked at as the dangerous ones, when a flier circulated through the area saying “let’s get the Blacks out of Southfield in November.”

Fox 2 News Detroit reported, that the flier also says  “Zimmerman was right,” with a picture of Trayvon Martin above it. “We will stop thugs like this,” are the words under the photo. So basically, the flier is a terroristic threat towards black people and suggests that they should leave Southfield before November or they will be killed like Zimmerman did Trayvon.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Southfield, MI is 70% black and 25% white.

Tamika Denson, who grew up in Southfield and has a mother that still lives there, is upset at the racist campaign and the use of Martin’s image.

“She (Denson’s mother) experienced being hosed down by water hoses and once the decade started to change, you would think it’s better. But now it seems like we are reverting back” said Denson to Detroit’s Fox 2 News.

On Monday, the city’s council released a statement that reads: “The city of Southfield is proud to be a diverse community that is inclusive of all people. Southfield elected officials, staff and residents of numerous ethnic and religious backgrounds work effectively together every day to keep up the high quality of life that we have all come to expect and appreciate. No Southfield elected officials or staff condone this type of negative, destructive and harmful propaganda that is both unfounded and untrue.”

Check out the video  above.

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