Conscious Thinking? Floyd Mayweather Believes Colin Kaepernick Should Focus on Football Instead of Social Justice

| October 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

In a recent interview with The Boxing Voice, Floyd Mayweather was asked what did he think about the current climate with police killing unarmed people of color and surprisingly Mayweather stated that he believed that “All Lives Matter” not just “Black Lives Matter” or Blue Lives Matter” but that everyone needed to follow orders. He also said because of his professional boxing status and that his hands are essentially a deadly weapon he too would call the police in the case  of a robbery taking place at his home. When asked what he thought about how Colin Kaepernick was protesting injustices Mayweather suggested perhaps Kaepernick should be focusing on starting for his NFL team. “He has the number one selling jersey so he must be doing something right”.

Does Mayweather realize that because of Kaepernick’s protests, that is one of the major reasons why his jersey is selling so rapidly?

Mayweather joins a small list of black athletes that believe that the game of sport is more important than being social conscious.

Charles Barkley, Shaquile O’Neal and Laila Ali have suggested that protests should be done differently without offering any clear solutions.

Check out the full interview above. Let us know if you agree with Mayweather’s position in the comment section below.

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