Contract Killing? Police Still Investigating Killing of Young Father in Manhattan

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Brandon Woodard, a law school student in L.A. and father of a young daughter was gunned down on a busy Manhattan street around 2 pm on Monday (December 10). Police are investigating the shooting, but the case seems to already be turning cold, which is leading many to wonder if Woodard’s death was a contract hit or just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Authorities are claiming that on Monday, Woodard was walking down W. 58th street in Manhattan and passed the shooter, when he received a message on his phone prompting him to turn around which ultimately lead him back to where the killer shot him and then escaped in a Lincoln MKZ.

Officers found the getaway car by using high-tech license plate readers but the lead ran cold as they released the only person they have brought in for questioning surrounding the murder so far. As of now, police are reporting that the 40-year old Queens man they brought in for questioning is the boyfriend of the woman who rented the getaway car, but is not a suspect and has been released.

The one lead that may help police officials make some sense of the murder is the weapon. Officials have reported that the AK-47 used to kill Woodward was the same weapon used to kill three men at a party in Queens back in July. One of the cell phones that Woodward had on him at the time of his killing was registered to the party planner who hosted the deadly Queens party. Coincidence? We think not.

New York police officials flew to Los Angeles this week to obtain a search warrant in order to search Woodward’s home and take a deeper look into his life. NYPD detectives are also taking a look into his ties in the entertainment and drug industries. HHE will keep you updated on the developing story.

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