Cornel West and Others Arrested at Occupy D.C. Protests (VIDEO)

| October 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

One thing we can say about Dr. Cornel West is that he definitely isn’t all hype and no action. The professor/social commentator/civil rights activist was arrested Sunday, while protesting against big corporations and their disregard for the average American citizen at the “Stop the Machine” rally in Washington D.C. According to Politico, what started off as West speaking to a crowd of around 500 people in Freedom Plaza, turned into a spontaneous march over to the Supreme Court. Lawyer Ann Wilcox reported that 19 people were arrested at the protest, including West. More details inside. 

Monday it was reported that West and others arrested, won’t be charged or prosecuted. Many of them, including West however, were held overnight and the protesters believe they were held “to send a message”. West has recently been in the headlines for his backlash at President Obama and his political beef with Presidential wanna-be, Herman Cain. The good doctor may be a bit unorthodox, but at least he’s not afraid to be in the trenches with the people and actually fight for a cause he believes in. 

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