Cowardly Tragic Ending: The Bronx Double Homicide Suspect Commits Suicide

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According to NY Daily News reports, fugitive Joseph Kernizan, 42, prime suspect in the cowardly Bronx murders that happened days ago has been pronounced dead, due to suicide (via a self inflicted gunshot to the head).

The devastated obsessed lover who ran only a short while from NY police, on the double homicide of Tracy Bennett, 38, and Reggae singer Wayne Hamilton, 50, finally put an end to his own misery in a Miami, Florida apartment around 11:30p.m. Tuesday night.

Cops had every reason to believe that Kernizan gunned down his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend outside of the Holiday Inn Motel in Eastchester Saturday morning.

Kernizan and Bennett had two children together, but she had been dating reggae singer Hamilton for about five years, before being brutally murdered alongside her partner.

According to a news source, NYPD detectives tracked Kernizan down to a two-story, four-family house in Miami, FL, which was immediately surrounded by Miami police and Federal Marshals. They said the incident went like this:
Cops used a bullhorn to order the residents of the building to exit immediately. Kernizan tried to escape out the back door, only to find police waiting and aimed.

That’s when the suspect ran back into the building, and gunshots were heard moments later from the first floor apartment. A robot was sent into the building, with a camera attached – that spotted the body.

After police entered the apartment, a Bronx Felony Squad detective made a tentative ID of the suspect. Kernizan stood stout at about 5’5 feet tall and 220 pounds. He was the father of Tracy Benett’s two younger children and was said to be “very obsessed” with his ex.

His rage continued to grow so much that when Tracy Kernizan finally broke it off with him completely, she had to put out an order of protection against her ex-lover. A friend of Tracy’s told this to the Daily News.

Now although victim Wayne Hamilton was Bennett’s boyfriend, he was also married. His wife at home did not know of the relationship with Tracy. Sources also say that Hamilton may have baited his killer with a song called “Nah Lef Joe”, in 2010. A friend of Bennett’s shared this with NY Daily News. Hamilton’s longtime music partner, David Taylor, told NY Daily News that Kernizan had feuded with his friend in the past when Hamilton came to NY for shows.

Taylor told us that Kernizan had even crashed a car into a vehicle carrying Hamilton and Bennett in the past. “Everyone knew this situation was a bad situation,” said a NY based reggae DJ, who didn’t want to be identified. “People knew that this was going to end badly.”

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