Criminal Complaint Filed Against the Game for Prank

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The Game sent out a tweet this past Friday claiming that he was looking for interns, the number that he gave to the 580,000 interested followers was actual the number to the Compton Sheriff’s Department. The phone lines were jammed with calls from people trying to becoming The Games intern, blocking emergrncy lines, and upseting the head of the department. As a result the department missed calls on a missing person, spousal abuse two robberies, and a stolen car.

Apparently the rapper did this as a prank but the LAPD didn’t find it very funny, according to they have filed a criminal complaint agaiinst him. The complaint states “Annoying or harassing phone calls via electronic device or the internet whether or not conversation ensues, Delaying or obstructing peace officers in the performance of their duties, and person who knowingly and maliciously disrupts or impedes communications over a public saftey radio frequency.”

 In response The Game questioned the LAPD ability to track down a tweet but not being able to solve a murder. He tweeted “Ya’ll can track down a tweet but you can’t solve murders, that was an accident but now maybe ya’ll can actually do ya’ll job !!!#ISpeak4ThePeople. spectulates this is just a publicity stunt because The Game has an album coming out on the 23rd, and that way he has such a nonchalant attitude toward the whole incident.


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