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Lyrics B+ Beats B- Flow C+ Orginality B+ Grade B+


These days it’s hard to knock part-time rapper full-time pothead Curren$y. After getting dropped from Lil Wayne/Birdman’s camp in 2006 then flooding 2008 with one mix tape a month for 6 months the New Orleans veteran finally put himself in a good position by 2009  with a deal and some back for all his good work.

Since the beginning of 2010 he has released 2 mix tapes Return to the Winners Circle, and Jet Life to the Next Life which was produced by Cooking Soul, both great bodies of work for him and his Jet Life Crew. He also put out critically acclaimed albums Pilot Talk 1, and 2 respectively along with Covert Coup, a free EP entirely produced by The Alchemist (Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake). As of 2011 Curren$y is on a nationwide tour, has a new deal with Warner Bros., and has just dropped his latest work of art Weekend At Burnies, yes, themed after the 1980’s flick of the same name.

When listening to Curren$y there are a few facts that one must put into play, for one, he is the originator in this post 2005 pot-head movement which he later made nationwide  after collaborating with Wiz Khalifa on the How Fly a mix tape they did in 2009. which is one of the best mix-tapes of the decade and partially responsible for introducing Wiz respectively. Also, you have to be on you’re a game when it comes to anything in pop culture and of course smoking. All of which are intact perfectly over some smooth and innovative production from mainly New Orleans duo Monsta Beatz , but also Rahki, Havoc, Magnedo7 and Dirk Pate  where Curren$y stays on topic and on point as expected on every track.  This project features the enitre Jet life roster as well with the likes os Young Roddy, Trademark da Skydiver, International Jones, and Fiend.

The first song on the album “#Jets Go” is a perfect display of Curren$y’s lyrical ability as well as what he and the Jets are about. Along with the hash tag to bring twitter into the mix,  he separates himself from the lames as he informs a woman that “Your man smoking good, I’m smoking great/ THC, Tony the Tiger certified these flakes/” over a beat that will be stuck in your head for days. On “She don’t Want A Man” Curren$y sheds light on a situation that plagues a number women these days, the instance where “She don’t want a Man, She just wants to fuck”. In this predicament, Curren$y finds himself in a relationship with a woman who’s married to a doctor who gives her what she needs financially but not sexually, and Curren$y slides in so smooth as always to fill that void. He goes in depth to describe her thoughts on the situation with “Shetalkin bout him, how she feel bad/ bout’ how she feel good bout’ giving me the ass”, lyrics like this separate Curren$y from the batch of pot-rappers in that, his material is based off of his day to day life but always somehow finds its way to be as simple as the rest of us.   The Album would not be complete without an appearance from his Jet Life comrades Young Roddy and Trademark over the already popular “Still”. The song is the standout example of the lyrical flavor of the Jet empire Curren$y envisions. The hook lets you know that is still jets and the empire has just begun.

40 minutes doesn’t seem like a long Weekend at Burnies, but it’s hard to complain when this man puts out quality music every 60 days. His plethora of music, witty punch lines, and laid back yet charismatic flow make Curren$y hard not to like whether or not you get down with the ganja. Be sure to be on the lookout for videos for every track on this album which makes up for the lack of music on this project. After a listen to Weekend at Burnies, you’re going to want to hang out with this guy more often.

Lyrics A- Flow B+ Beats B+ Originality B+ Grade B+

Here is the Tracklist from Weekend at Burnies

1. #jetsgo*

2. Still featuring Trademark and Young Roddy

3. She Don’t Want A Man

4. One Life

5. You See It

6. Televised featuring Fiend (International Jones)

7. This Is The Life

8. On G’s featuring Young Roddy and Trademark

9. Money Machine

10. What’s What

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