Ruthless! Daughter of Eazy-E Promises a ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Documentary About His Death

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E.B. Wright, daughter of Eazy-E is going to be making a documentary detailing her father’s and the scandal surrounding his death. She says the film will also fill in the gaps and go into to further detail about Eazy’s life that was not in the film ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

She gave the interview to DatzHott and gave some highlighting quotes. The film is entitled ‘A Ruthless Scandal:No More Lies’. About the plot points, E.B. said, ‘You’re gonna see a lot more of my dad’s life, stuff that you didn’t really get to see in the movie, touch on a lot more things that people don’t know about him.’

Promising that it will provide new information she said, ‘I’m pretty much gonna touch on every little thing that people wanna know about and things that people don’t even know that they wanna know about yet..It’s gonna be very jaw-dropping.’

Many people have had their theories about the passing of Eazy-E including that he was actually injected with the AIDS virus by either Suge Knight or former N.W.A. manager Jerry Heller.

She gave Jason Mitchell, the actor who portrayed Eazy-E a lot of praise too. She stated, ‘I thought the movie was great. Jason Mitchell did an incredible job. He really channeled my dad…Everything I imagined my dad to be, I felt like I was watching that on the screen. I was really excited to see his personality really shined through.’

When asked on Twitter by a fan when to expect the documentary to be released she just said next year.

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