Defense Attorney Tanya Miller Who Represents Former Russian Mafia Guy for Murder Discusses Possible Ebola Prosecution

| October 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

Atlanta Defense Attorney Tanya Miller who is currently representing former Russian mafia boss Mani Chulpuyev for murder in the death of rapper Lil Phat has chimed in on the prospects of a Liberian man who contracted the deadly Ebola virus and then traveled to Dallas, Texas could be prosecuted if he lied on any documents or failed to tell officials of his contact with others who he may have known to be infected. According to news reports, the Liberian country is looking into whether Thomas Eric Duncan, who traveled to Dallas from Liberia more than a week ago after coming in contact with Ebola in the West African country, knew the woman he help carry to a hospital had the deadly virus.

While  prosecuting Duncan should be secondary to him recovering from the deadly virus, Miller along with former Judge Glenda Hachett lend their expert opinion to CNN about the issue. Check out the video above. Should there be an embargo for people traveling to and from West Africa to America?

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