Despite Pluto’s Low Sales, @1Future Has More To Come. We Are Still Checking for Him!

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by Terin Branham

If you weren’t comletely impressed with Future’s debut album, Pluto, in a recent interview with the Montreality the Decatur, Georgia rapper announced his two, upcoming projects set to be released in late 2012 and early 2013.

First, Future details his plan to release a two-disc mixtape…“Super Future dropping October 23; it’s a double disc,” he revealed. “I’m about to give the streets everything, everything and some. Then I’m about to give the streets, the college students, the internationals, the Dominicans, my Puerto Ricans, my fuckin’ Haitians…I’m about to bridge that gap and show them why I am the Future.”

Following Super Future, the rapper’s next project is to be released in February, his sophomore LP Future Hendrix.

“Future Hendrix just comes from being different. Jimi Hendrix, he always stood out, and I always like the way he stood out. It wasn’t about me getting that rock’n’roll lifestyle…that comes with this music industry. It’s another level; it’s striving to be different. I want to do it at the end of February, but it all depends on how these singles do and what this Super Future do.”

Watch the full interview below.

VIDEO CLIP: Future Sits Down With The Montreality (Source: Montreality)

In this Interview with Montreality, FUTURE speaks about:

– The type of student he was at school (0:19)
– Jobs he’s had as a teenager growing up (0:59)
– What he spent his 1st big paycheck on (1:20)
– The key to success (1:28)
– His upcoming mixtape “Super Future” (2:10)
– His sophomore album “Future Hendrix” (2:35)
– His biggest fear (3:05)
– His other talents (3:34)
– His last meal of choice (3:41)
– His favorite cartoon character (3:55)
– His favorite videogame of all time (4:05)
– What he has in his pockets (4:11)
– A memorable tour story (4:27)
– His favorite cereals (5:13)
– His legacy, what he hopes to leave behind (5:41)

VIDEO CLIP: “Turn On The Lights” – Future

VIDEO CLIP: “Same Damn Time (REMIX)” featuring Diddy & Ludacris – Future

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