Did Someone Order The Kobe Special? Vanessa Bryant Files For Divorce

| December 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

"I'm quittin' yo *ss!"

Tired of the infidelity rumors and having to do random d*ck sniff checks at night before bed, Vanessa Bryant is flushing her marriage to NBA star Kobe Bryant down the toilet like yesterday’s used condom. After ten years of marriage, 2 children and an $2milli ‘I’m sowwy’ diamond ring Vanessa is tired of dealing with Kobe’s cheating ways and filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” Friday afternoon.

Vanessa must have graduated from the school of ‘Get Rich B*tch by Shaunie O’Neal and Elin Nordegren because chick is about to come off with half of everything as stated by Californialaw since there was no pre-nup. Feel free to insert your ‘WTF’ side-eyes at Kobe here! Somewhere right now, Kris Jenner is offering Kim Kardashian’s vagina for Kobe to lean on/in for comfort! Merry Christmas to you indeed Vanessa! With a choke hold grip on his balls and his finances, we hope this doesn’t affect the L.A. Lakers’ come game day.

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