Did @UsherRaymondIV Skate through His “Confessions” To @Oprah On The “Next Chapter”?

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The timing of Usher’s appearance on Oprah’s own network was not by coincidence as the two have fostered a close relationship for years however  her show may have acted as an extension of his publicity team’s effort to paint him as the caring father and someone whose sole purpose for filing custody of his two boys was because his ex-wife Tameka Foster-Raymond was unfit to care for them properly. Most expected that Oprah would ask the hard questions that the singer avoided answering in the court while she was sort of able to have him admit that he did in fact sleep with one of his ex-wife’s bridesmaids, something he previously denied in court.

What was also interesting is the fact that his mother was included in the sit down with Oprah but the queen of talk failed to ask him about why he had cursed his mother or why he tried to strike her with his vehicle several times. Something any seasoned journalist would have ceased the opportunity to ask. It was almost disappointing that Mrs. Winfrey didn’t take the opportunity to give his ex-wife an opportunity to tell her side of the story since Usher opted to talk with her even though the judge in the custody case has yet to rule on the “Motion for a New Trial” even though it was widely reported in the media that she had already. Perhaps Usher should have appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan as we are confident that he wouldn’t   have let him skate through that interview. Here is an synopsis to his interview last night:

Season 2 of Oprah’s Next Chapter continues with R&B/Pop Superstar Usher Raymond in the hot-seat. Oprah traveled to Atlanta, GA for an intimate interview with the Grammy-award winning artist. Raymond speaks about the custody battle with ex-wife Tameka Raymond, his breakdown in court, infidelity and much more! Oprah also get’s the chance to speak with Jonetta Patton, Usher’s mother and former manager.

In August 2012, the three-year custody battle between R&B superstar Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, came to a dramatic close. Now, for the first time, Usher opens up about the verdict and accusations of infidelity. (Source: Oprah OWN)

When Oprah asks about fighting over children with ex-wife he replied “It is very nasty. And there is no winner in any fight.” Oprah also asks that Usher open up about being faithful and infidelity; “First of all, were you faithful to her?” Oprah asked. Check out his response…

VIDEO CLIP: Was Usher Unfaithful to His Ex-Wife?

Usher’s relationship with his now ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, played out in the tabloids for years. In the summer of 2007, the couple made headlines when they called off their lavish Hamptons wedding hours before the ceremony. A week later, they exchanged vows in the office of Usher’s attorney. Watch as Usher tells Oprah why he had second thoughts about their marriage. (Source: Oprah OWN)

VIDEO CLIP: Why Usher Called Off His Wedding

It’s something Oprah says she’s always wondered about: Does Usher, an artist known for his steaming hot videos and sexy song lyrics, make love to his own music? His answer may surprise you. (Source: Oprah OWN)

VIDEO CLIP: Usher’s Bedroom Confessions

VIDEO CLIP: BTS Usher Shares His Parenting Philosophy From His Children’s Play Room

Chart-topping R&B superstar Usher, the father of 4-year-old Usher and 3-year-old Naviyd, takes Oprah inside his sons’ playroom. Watch as Usher explains how he rewards good behavior with field trips and treats…and discourages bad behavior with the time-out zone. (Source: Oprah’s OWN)

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