Disgraceful Occurrence!! New York City Cop Accused of Rape

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Officer Michael Pena

Listening to the victim’s account of what happened to her has all the makings for the next episode of Law and Order SVUbut unfortunately this is not television and this horrific story actually occurred.

NYC_RapeCrime Scene

According to NYC Police,  drunken off Duty Police officer Michael Pena approached a 25-year old woman school teacher while she was heading to work at 6:15 a.m. and stopped her to ask a question.  According to the victim, the officer asked her for directions to the IRT #1 subway station and then demanded that she show him the way. When she refused, he placed his arm around her and brandished his 9mm police issued handgun and ushered her away. The woman stated to the police that Pena said, “You’re coming with me.”  “She knew he had a gun,” stated Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, a top spokesman for the NYPD.

Deputy Browne goes on to say that Police Officer Pena walked the woman to a courtyard located in the Inwood section of Manhattan and raped her. One of the residents in the area heard what appeared to be nonconsensual sex occurring and called the police. When police arrived at the address, they noticed both the suspect and his accuser fully dressed but the cop’s firearm was still on the ground. Once the woman saw the responding officers, she immediately ran to them screaming “he raped me” and “be careful, he has a gun!”

According to police records, the suspect has been on the police force for three years and he was assigned to the 33rd precinct in Manhattan.

This is the second time in less than a year that police officers have been accused of rape. In the previous case, the officers were acquitted of rape at trial but were convicted of minor charges.

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