DJ Quik Linked to B.I.G. Murder???

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DJ Quik

West Coast Legend DJ Quik revealed in a recent interview that the Los Angeles Police Department initially suspected him in the murder of Notorious B.I.G.


In a recent interview with HipHopDX Quik explains, “Just because I was there at that [VIBE] party [with Biggie before the shooting], they tapped my phones, found out my accountant’s number and went and posted up and waited for me at my accountant’s office to pick me up for questions. And it was only because I owned a ’95 [Chevy] Impala [SS] that was black-cherry colored like the one that was used supposedly in the shooting, which was probably black, mine was burgundy, but at night they look identical in color.”

This is the first time Quik has spoken openly about the matter but he did not mention the rumor that he and Biggie had gotten into an argument earlier that night. That altercation was noted by Bay-Area journalist Davey D back in 1997 making Quik a suspect.

However, he has referenced the allegations in his 1998 song “You’z a Ganxta.” In the song he rapped, “Yeah like that night with Biggie out at Quincy Jones’ spot/Like 400 other people yeah I heard some shots/Broke away with the crowd, nervous obviously/And the mothaf*ckas blamed it on me, what the hell?”


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