DJ Whoo Kid Interviews Royalty: “Prince of VA”, Trey Songz and “King of the South”, T.I.

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American hip hop DJ, DJ Whoo Kid, featured “Prince of VA”, Trey Songz, and “King of the South”, T.I. as guests on his radio show, Whoolywood Shuffle. The two music moguls and mixtape DJ gather around in the studio as they touch upon topics of Trey Songz’s album to be released on July 1stTrigga (as well as performing sexual activity to it), hugging their fans, their relationship with Dr. Dre and much more. The interview is available on SandraRose, the WHOOLYWOOD SHUFFLE, and YouTube.


T.I. made jokes about the comparison between “community service” hugs to the hugs that you give for “actual enjoyment”. By “community service”, he meant how many hugs he felt that he had to give, as opposed to the ones that he actually wanted to, whether it be the “parched” female fans or the not-so good smelling men. T.I., also, made jest at his relationship with Dr. Dre while showing him much love, stating that he will always give you what you need. Self-proclaimed “King of the South”, with the occasional chime-in from Trey, discussed Dre‘s strong attention to detail and coming at their his strong Bankhead accent. Trey Songz talked more in-depth about “coming out with fireworks” for his upcoming album, Trigga, by working with Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, and Mila J, sister of Jhene Aiko. Songz reveals that the album will display a variation of music, with singles being “club bangers, but still sexy” with the “traditional Trey Songz ballad”. Trey, too, shared that he will be at the Essence Fest this summer for the 5th time.

Trey Songz spoke some about his relationship with recently-released Chris Brown. He shared that during his concerts, he would tell his videographer to film the crowd singing “Loyal”, Breezy’s chart-topping anthem. At Summer Jam, Songz promoted the release of Chris Brown by shouting out “Free Breezy”; ironically, Brown was released that same day.


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