Do You Accept Weezy’s Apology? Sorry 4 The Wait: Mix-tape Review

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Lyrics B- Flow C- Beats- N/A Originality A- Grade B-

You know the deal. He’s been in jail, hasn’t released a hip hop album since the Carter 3, and has been building the Young Money brand into an empire. His last mix-tape, No Ceilings, was the soundtrack for frat parties, clubs, your car, and maybe even on the IPod of your local soccer mom. It’s Lil Wayne man, there is no need to fabricate or hype this up to be anything new. He released Sorry 4 the Wait, his pre-album mix-tape killing the instrumentals of all your favorite street anthems and radio hits, on Tuesday July 12th.

No one is safe this time around. Wayne grabs tracks from the usual suspects such as Waka Flocka, Fabolous, and Drake. He also ventures out and gathers hits from newcomers Kreashawn and Miguel.

This mix-tape is roughly average due to the fact that Wayne uses the same flow as the original artist. Vintage Wayne would get on tracks and switch the flow, making the original version just a memory. Tracks like “Tunechi’s Back” “Gucci Gucci”, and “Marvins Room” all fall short in comparison to the original version.

Another negative factor is that Wayne’s material is hard to listen to at this stage in his career. The concepts on every song are nothing new: murder, dope, money, and h**s, which are actually not that bad if you’re creative about it. Wayne just says the same stuff on every song with little league punch lines up against his major league output of No Ceilings. On a positive note, “Racks” and “Rollin” both have above average Wayne verses on beats that do not really get old. The highlight of the mix-tape is Wayne’s version of Waka’s “Grove St. Party” which features Lil B. A guest verse that no one expected but his ad libs are always good for a laugh or two.

Now you know as well as I do Tha Carter IV will be nothing like this mix-tape. The question you have to ask yourself is “where does this mix tape rank against the rest?” Not that high. In fact, it seems Wayne’s mix-tape game has gotten worse in correlation to the increasing quality of his albums. Look down the line. Will we ever see the Wayne who was overly dedicated to ending the drought of quality music? Probably not. Limited to only 12 songs, Sorry 4 the Wait will get most Wayne fans over until the release of Tha Carter IV which is set to drop August 29. Yea, he’s sorry for the wait but is the wait really over?

Heres the tracklist for Sorry 4 the Wait. Take a listen at:

1. Tunechi’s Back

2. Rollin

3. Throwed Off (ft Gudda Gudda)

4.Gucci Gucci

5. Marvins Room

6.· Sure Thing

7. Grove St. Party (ft. Lil B)

8. Racks

9. Hands Up (My Last)

10. Sorry for The Wait

11. Inkredible (ft. Thugga, Raw Dizzy, Flow)

12. Run this World Girls)

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