Does Ice Love Coco?

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From my last TV post you would think that I completely hate reality TV, this is not true. I just have a high standard for what I watch. I don’t think mindless entertainment is meant to win any Emmy’s, however we as a people have to draw the line somewhere and say enough is enough. With that being said I actually liked this show! For one reason, it was REAL.

In the season 1 premiere, we see Coco making Ice his “regular” morning sandwich. She says that for them, that “old fashioned” type of relationship really works and throughout the show you see why. They have a genuine bond that doesn’t seem to be a front, or put on for the cameras like most of these reality relationships are.  Through this bond they have developed a mutual respect and devotion to each other. This all shined through on the very first episode.


In the past Coco has gotten a lot of negative feedback because of her appearance. People tended to judge her as the “arm candy” that Ice-T snagged from some strip club. The word gold-digger was thrown around like a game of catch. After watching this show, I think it’s clear that this is more than just a physical relationship. Instead, there is a real connection that took time and effort to build (10 years to be exact).

A great moment in this episode is when Ice goes to a photo shoot hosted by a Bridal Couture line. They have enlisted Coco as a possible spokes model for the line. After the shots are not to the photographers liking, Ice pulls coco to the side and says “just be you, probably the reason they hired you was to get a little more funky.” After the pep talk, she frees herself up and gets more comfortable. You can tell that this is a regular occurrence for the couple; constant support and comfort.


Like any real marriage however, they do have different opinions and clashing personalities. Ice-T is very well known for being an OG. Although he won’t be rapping any “F*** the police” type of songs (Law and Order SVU shout out); he still keeps it 100 percent real. Coco on the other hand is a real girls girl, you can tell she likes anything frilly and in pink. This personality clash is seen when Coco wants to buy their dog, (Spartacus) an outfit and Ice-T wasn’t down for that. Moments like these are evident when watching this particular episode. It also helps that throughout their whole decade long relationship, they have only spent one night apart.

The most heart-warming moment came when Ice-T reflected back on their wedding day in Las Vegas six years ago. Coco did not get a chance to wear an elegant wedding dress, similar to the ones she was modeling earlier that day. Feeling nostalgic, Ice suggests that they renew their vows (which they did on June 4th 2011 in Hollywood) that way she can have the wedding she always wanted. Cue…every girl reading this should be going aww.


Overall, this show is worth a watch. As far as relationship reality shows go, this one gets two thumbs up. It has true charm; you want to see what happens between them and how they progress as a couple. An impending question is whether or not they will be having kids and will it be televised. Guess we will have to tune in to see. What we can say for right now is that Ice really DOES love coco.


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