Drake And Murda Mook Will Finally Battle…With One Condition

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At URL’s (Ultimate Rap League) Night of Main Events 5 (NOME), Drake was in attendance and had some words for battle rapper Murda Mook. When asked when this battle was going to finally happen after so much speculation, Drake responded, “You gotta beat Surf first.” Drake was referring to another battle rapper by the name Tsu Surf headlined the NOME 5 event.

While Drake would not the first mainstream rapper to step foot in that type of arena, he would be the biggest without question. Rappers such as Cassidy, Joe Budden, and Cannibus has tried battle rapping with some mixed results at best from fans. Murda Mook is somewhat considered to be the best battle rapper ever so Drake would not be picking someone he could walk over, which is what makes the idea that much more intriguing. Drake has no background in battle rap so many debate as how he would do.

This would go down as the biggest battle ever and would bring viewers to the culture possibly in drones. While the battle almost happened in February, Drake’s statement and appearance at this event will keep the flames hot on this match up. Tsu Surf versus Murda Mook is not even slated as of this moment but the odds of it happening at URL’s next, and biggest, event of the year have dramatically increased.

Will Summer Madness be the place to finally set this battle in motion?

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