Drake and Rihanna Spotted “making out” In Los Angeles Club Again!

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Rumors have been rife for quite some time now about Rihanna and Drake being in a relationship. However, the duo themselves have never admitted to it yet. But if a recent incident at a nightclub in Los Angeles is to be believed, then the two might be a couple after all.

On April 9, during the early morning hours, Rihanna and Drake could be seen together at the Supper Club in Los Angeles. If you are wondering then know that this is not the information that is making hot news. It is what happened for around 10 minutes outside of the club that is grabbing all the headlines these days. According to HollywoodLife.com, on that day Rihanna and Drake left the nightclub for about 10 minutes during which time it is predicted that they might have had some ‘one-on-one’ time.

An eyewitness to the goings on at the LA nightclub said that the two were actually all over each other at the venue. There were even a few people who saw them kissing openly unmindful of the public around them. Another eyewitness claims that when the two disappeared from the nightclub for a short while, there was no one else with them except their posse of security personnel which is enough indication of what secrets the two were up to! What the eyewitnesses could conclude from the PDA of Rihanna and Drake was that the two were super close.

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However, it must be noted that Drake and Rihanna arrived at the nightclub separately. While, Drake entered all alone, Rihanna had Melissa Forde for company. However, the two did jam up once inside the club and drank D’usse, Ace and Ciroc. The two reportedly even left separately.

But what adds fuel to the fire is the fact that after that short sesh, Rihanna and Drake looked extremely happy. Ri’s eyes were sparkling with an unforeseen happiness, whereas Drake had a big smile plastered on his face. What puts a stamp on the 10-minute steamy session is the fact that after that not only did Drake smile a lot, but he also flaunted Ri’s lipstick marks on his lips and cheeks. Of course, the poor guy wiped the marks off once he was teased by Ri and Mel, but he was cool enough about wearing them- another indication of what could be brewing between Ri and him.

Rihanna and Drake were reportedly at the LA nightclub to attend a birthday bash of their friend M Dollas. While their PDA was in abundance at this venue, at the LA Cippers’ game on the same day, the two chose to sit separately. That is perhaps because Drake was an invited guest at the game since he is the one hosting the ESPYs.

PDA or no PDA, maybe it is time that Rihanna and Drake announce their relationship. That would clear the air and put to rest all the rumors surrounding the two. Or maybe, the two like to keep their fans guessing. Well, if it is a guessing game that they are playing with their fans, then probably no fan is complaining!

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