Dumb and Dumber? Cops Pepper Spray and Tase Man Having A Stroke

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635678225951457220-JurgensShaun Jurgens, is the man pictured above and is also the man who pepper sprayed and tasered the driver David Washington in the video. When police began being required to wear bodycams, one would assume that more calculated thinking would be used when faced in these situations. What the video captured was Jurgens screaming to a man having a stroke, ” I will fuckin’ smoke you”.

The incident happened earlier this month in Fredricksburg, Virginia when David Washington drove through a city road sign, a median and eventually hit another vehicle until coming to a stop at the intersection. Police responded to the scene as a hit-and-run, and reports said Washington was moving a lot inside his car. Jurgens would who was the last officer to arrive to the scene told the Free Lance Star, “I believed that the suspect may be looking for a weapon or looking to conceal a weapon based on this information and the fact that he was believed to be fleeing a felony (hit and run of an occupied vehicle).”

Jurgens fired a taser through the open window, which was his next mistake as that police department does not permit the use of stun guns on anyone passively resisting or in control of a vehicle that is in motion. When he misfires with the taser, he deployed pepper spray in the driver’s face, even though there was no clear resistance by Mr. Washington. From viewing the video, it appears that Washington was trying to tell the responding officers that he couldn’t breath.

The harsh treatment initially meted out by Jurgens turned more compassionate after it was realized that there was an over-reaction by the cops.

When first responders arrived, it was established that Washington had in fact suffered a stroke which explained his irrational driving andultimate behavior leading up to his arrest. Police officer ShaunJurgens ultimately resigned from his position as a cop at that police department which would suggest that there was an overreaction on his part.

Capt. Rick Pennock in a statement said, “The use of force demonstrated in the incident involving Mr. Washington was not in compliance with department policy or training”.

The resignation of Jurgens means that there is one less thug on the police force.

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