Each One is Different… Snowflakes Are Fun for Fall!!!

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Monsieur Lacenaire snowflake sweater

Do you remember as a kid on that first day of snowfall in winter, running outside with your friends to catch snow flakes on your tongue? And then that unfortunate moment comes when you have your head tilted back, mouth wide open towards the sky like a midget truck stop hooker whose about to earn her Christmas bonus, and then a pigeon just so happens to fly by right after feasting on yesterday’s left overs from the dumpster bin behind Taco Bell and then *PLOP*,  you’ve got a mouth full warm and moist bird crap wallowing around on your tongue.

But eno0ugh of my horrific tales from memory lane. The snow can be beautiful and yet treacherous at the same time. The closest I ever want to come near a blizzard is this navy Monsieur Lacenaire snowfall sweater. Snow flakes are a fun pattern to try whether on sweaters, sneakers, or accessories and it looks like some brands have the same idea.

Snowflake patterned wool scarf

Supra snowflake sneakers

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