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Did Ed Lover Get Son’d For His Website?

Veteran Hip Hop radio jock Ed Lover had created a very comical show highlighting the outragious behavior of some of today’s celebrities in a show called ” C’mon Son”. He can be seen clowning on the likes of The Game, Gilbert Arenas, Tila Tequila, The Dream and his Pepto Bismol suit (LMAO), as well as having his family members participating in his antics.

At the end of the video, he directs viewers to his website but when we went there…the original owner of the site is selling his domain on Ebay to the highest bidder…wtf? Or should I say…
C’mon son? Since we am always looking for a good deal, we placed a bid on the site so keep your fingers crossed for us because we have an even better idea for the C’mon son movement!!

Place your bid here

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