“Empire” Has Raked In The Highest Ratings FOX Has Seen Since 2012

| January 10, 2015 | 4 Comments


The highly anticipated new television series Empire debuted its first episode this past Wednesday on FOX. FOX has gained itself the reputation of being known as one of the networks that hosts failed series, or cancels them shortly after airing. Empire, however, achieved over 10 million viewers on Wednesday night, so it’s almost safe to say this series will live on.

FOX’s ratings this fall were pretty low & they were proud to announce that Taraji P. Henson’s vision earned the title of being the highest-rated debut for the network since 2012.

Empire is a new drama based on a family ran record company & gives a ton of insight into the music industry, showing you basically how things really work behind closed doors. The show earned a 3.7 rating, contrary to the long-term reality singing show American Idol, which is now on its 14th season & aired right before the new series, only earning a 3.1.

If you caught the premiere of the show, comment below & share your thoughts. Do you believe that this show will last on FOX? How do you feel about the actors? We’d love to know.

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  1. Seriously, drugs, hoods, criminals, murderers, psychologically sick people who just happen to be ‘black’–this is precisely how Fox TV would have America and the world view the African American people, to perpetuate the stereotype they are so anxious to create. My family and friends will not support this garbage—Is it so impossible to present a positive image like the Cosby Show–why couldn’t these talented actors be in a show with a positive image? Maybe there actually is a conspiracy to bring down Bill Cosby (a positive image) after all, I’m about to be convinced…okay after he’s down, what are they going to make up about Denzel? I mean really, this is the only thing ‘they’ can project to the world (our kids) about us…this is so old and tired, these producers should be fired for extreme lack of creativity—this crap was shown 50 years ago…dump it!!! It provides absolutely NO value, only to the lowest denominator in the hood community!!! DON’T WATCH!!!

  2. Fin says:

    Just wish the writers and producers spent more time on developing the character’s motivations by making them more relatable instead of relying on the outlandish to create tension and conflict.

    For example, Terrance Howard’s character taking his child and putting him in a dumpster, yet still caring for him, albeit emotionally distant, throughout his life to the point where he’s one of three potentials to assume leadership of his company? As a viewer, this completely made no sense. This kid should have been an outlier from the very beginning, on the outside looking in, where we then can see him teaming up with his mother to create their own niche at infiltrating the company. Additionally, why isn’t this kid tortured and acting out? Somehow, through all the psychological abuse and rejection, he’s turned out as a calm, well adjusted, rationally thinking young man? In my mind, this is just one example of many that seemed out of step in terms of motivations.

    Way too many holes and loose ends. I still have hopes for the show, and would like to see stronger writing in the upcoming episodes.

  3. Deja V. says:

    So far I like it. I really do great song writing. I love a mad woman who has a right to be and I think this will be so edgy. Howard and Henson are great actors and I hope to see the rest of the season. The family is great each character has a decent plot line to run with that can go in either direction. It touches modern social issues with gays in entertainment and the picture people have already drawn in there heads.I love how the music is actually music you can picture hearing on mainstream radio today. I was surprised the show had no narrater its seemed like it was going to be a show with henson or howard doing a voice over.

  4. Walter Allen says:

    I’m beginning to love this show. I enjoyed Terrence Howard and Tarji P Henson on screen chemistry it was as if they were created for each other.

    The only add on to this show I think they need would be to reach back and add a familiar face to the show from the turn of the Hip Hop era that will leave millions grasping in their seats. The highly educated actor/model Hip Hop model/vixen of all time Ms. KI TOY JOHNSON from the famous video by Outkast (I like the way you Move-video)… How can you have such a brilliant show without one of Americas Top Video personalities who captivated the world and broke the mold for all video models/vixens. If they incorporated this icon into this show”’can you say MASTER PIECE!!! She reminds many of us why we fell in love with Hip Hop videos in the 1st place…

    This show reminds me a lot of 50 cent’s show Power; but it seems way better. The pilot episode was filled with energy and drama.


    1. Great acting on a dime.

    2.The screen presence of Terence Howard and T. Henson amazing how they gave these characters life.

    3.Unlike Power, Empire has a script that causes me to record every episode—I like that.

    4.Even though our black actors are always plagued with drug dealers, drugs and rap music, you can’t deny the fact that Hip Hop is our most trendy trends in America today (hands down)… The ratings should be very high for this show….


    1. stereotypical type of show for African Americans.

    2. Oh well welcome to the originality of Hip Hop..

    Conclusion: Great job Fox this is only one eye peek into what some ‘maybe’ have endured within the Hip Hop career….

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